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The Tuberculosis

of India is a Voluntary Organization. Its aims
and objectives are:

- The prevention
- Control
- Treatment &
- Relief of tuberculosis.



NATCON - 2013 - Brochure



The 67th National Conference on Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases (NATCON 2012) was organized by the Bihar Tuberculosis Association (BTA) under the auspices of the Tuberculosis Association of India (TAI) from 8th to 10th February, 2013. The venue of the Conference was Mahavir Cancer Sansthan, Patna. Shri. U.N. Vidyarthi, Organizing Chairman and Dr. Rajiva Ranjan, Organizing Secretary and their team worked hard to make the conference a grand success. The team worked under the overall advice and guidance of Dr. J.N. Banavaliker, Vice Chairman of Tuberculosis Association of India. Over 300 delegates attended the Conference.

The conference was inaugurated by Sri Ashwini Kumar Choubey, Hon’ble Minister, Health & Family Welfare, Government of Bihar. Sri Vijay Kumar Chaudhary, Hon’ble Minister, Water Resources, Government of Bihar graced the occasion. A souvenir was also brought out on the occasion.

Delivering his presidential address, Dr. Rajendra Prasad deliberated on some of the facts and issues that are of great national importance in today’s context, viz. burden of tuberculosis, TB Control, Future Plan, Drug Resistant Tuberculosis, TB & HIV, Challenges in TB Control, TB & Diabetes, Smoking and TB and other lung diseases, Air Pollution & TB, Indoor air pollution, burden of non-tubercular respiratory diseases, lung cancer, Respiratory Intensive Care, Medical Education, etc.

Key note address was delivered by Dr. Jagdish Prasad, Director General of Health Services and Chairman, Tuberculosis Association of India. Dr. Prasad highlighted the problem of tuberculosis in Bihar state and the project about involvement of retail pharmacists in RNTCP implementation. He congratulated the Tuberculosis Association of India (TAI) on organizing this biggest event and highlighted its role, as an NGO, in supplementing and complementing the efforts of the government.

Dr. S.P. Agarwal, President of Tuberculosis Association of India, drew attention of the gathering towards TB-HIV co-infection and the alarming effects of drug resistant tuberculosis globally. TB is a major cause of death in HIV infected persons and HIV infection on the other hand is the most potent risk factor for developing active Tuberculosis. Though TB is a curable and preventable disease and highly effective treatment regimens are available, yet it continues to be the most dreaded public health problem world over, said Dr. Agarwal.

Dr. Rajiva Ranjan, Organizing Secretary of the Conference, read out the citations for various awards of TAI which were presented to the recipients by the Hon’ble Ministers. The inaugural function ended with a vote of thanks by Shri U.N. Vidyarthi, Chairman, Bihar TB Association.

The Scientific Programme of the Conference was very lively, informative and educative covering almost all the important aspects of tuberculous and non-tuberculous chest diseases. Besides three prestigious orations, about 15 guest lectures and two panel discussions, there were about 80 oral paper presentations, including award papers and about 15 poster presentations. Dr. P.K. Sen TAI Gold Medal Oration was delivered by Dr.Rohit Sarin, Director, LRS Institute of TB and Respiratory Diseases on the subject of “MDR TB - Challenges in Management”. Lupin-TAI Oration was delivered by Dr. S.K. Jindal, Senior Professor & Head, Department of Pulmonary Medicine, PGI, Chandigarh on the subject of “Advances in Management of Tuberculosis-2013”. Dr. S.N. Tripathy Memorial Oration was delivered by Dr. Bamin Tada on the subject of “Critical issues and challenges in TB Control Programme in India”. The panel discussion on “Management of COPD - Newer Modalities” moderated by Dr. V.K. Arora, Honorary Technical Adviser, TAI, was thought-provoking and attracted a huge applause and generated a lot of enthusiasm among the delegates.

Drug resistance in TB was highlighted by two important Guest lectures - one on “MDR-TB” by Prof. Rajendra Prasad, President of the Conference and on “XDR-TB” by Dr. J.N. Banavaliker, Vice-Chairman, TB Association of India. They emphasized the importance of early detection and effective management of cases to prevent further transmission.

RNTCP session was coordinated by Dr. Rohit Sarin, Director, LRS Institute of Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases. He introduced the latest developments of programme and also explained his future vision about the programme. Two speakers during the session deliberated on ‘‘Trained Manpower Development challenges under RNTCP’ and ‘Monitoring and Supervision Challenges’. The session generated lot of fruitful discussion among speakers and delegates. Dr. Sarin assured the audience about their concerns for the programme and implementation of their suggestions.

Session sponsored by the Union highlighted the partnerships in the programme in the form of two lectures, viz. “Changing landscape of TB Control and role of NGOs” and "Innovatively involving NGOs in TB Control – Experience from India".

The meetings of the Standing Technical Committee (STC) and Secretaries of State TB Associations were held on 9th February, 2013. The STC meeting selected subjects for NATCON 2013 and discussed about its venue in addition to other discussions. The discussions in the Secretaries’ meeting mainly revolved around TB Seal Campaign.

A colourful exhibition was the highlight of the conference. Different organisations, including TAI and IUATLD, had put up informative stalls giving useful information on TB and chest diseases through charts and working models. A number of informative literature, brochures and books were distributed among visitors.

NATCON 2012 held in Patna was an excellent package of academic and social feast. The hospitality offered by the Organizing Committee was superb and the delicious food picked from the various areas of Bihar were the highlights of the various meals wherein different menu was served on different days.

In the Business and Concluding Session, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, President of the Conference, gave a brief resume of the Conference activities from the start till the conclusion of the Conference wherein it was highlighted that all the sessions were well attended and the younger workers participated in large numbers and evinced keen interest in presenting papers of good quality. Another noteworthy feature of the conference was more involvement of local speakers from private sector.

Under Rule 3 (xiii) of the Rules and Regulations of TAI, Drs. K.K. Chopra, Jai Kishan, Rajiva Ranjan, Raj Kumar and L.S. Chauhan were elected as representatives of the National Conference to serve on the Central Committee.

Drs. Bamin Tada and K.K. Chopra proposed a vote of thanks on behalf of the delegates and Shri Vidyarthi on behalf of the Organising Committee.


The Tuberculosis Association of India has instituted awards that are presented to eminent TB workers who have contributed best for the cause.

S. No.

Name of the Award

Awarded to




Dr. R.C. Jain Lifetime Achievement Award was instituted in 2011 in the memory of Dr. R.C. Jain who served the Tuberculosis Association of India in various capacities  for over four decades.  At the time of his death, this year he was Vice-Chairman of TAI.   Dr. Jain was founder Director of the LRS Institute of Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases and was a Thoracic Surgeon par excellence.  The award carries Rs.25,000/- in cash, a memento and a certificate of honour.


Dr. D.R. Nagpaul. He has to his credit a number of honours and awards in recognition of his outstanding contributions in the field of tuberculosis. He has the distinction of having been awarded three Gold Medals, the Philippine Tuberculosis Society Honour Plaque in 1982 and Padmashree in 1975.




DR. P.K. SEN TAI GOLD MEDAL ORATION instituted 1996 is awarded to a senior TB worker who has made outstanding contribution to the cause of Tuberculosis Control.  The Oration consists of a Gold Medal and a Certificate of honour.


Dr. Rohit Sarin, Director, LRS Institute of TB & Respiratory Diseases, New Delhi.




Dr. S.N.Tripathy Memorial Oration was instituted in 2011 in the memory of Dr. S.N. Tripathy.  Dr. Tripathy served the cause of tuberculosis and respiratory diseases for over forty years.  At the time of his demise, this year Dr. Tripathy was Chairman, National College of Chest Physicians (East Zone).  Dr. Tripathy was a distinguished teacher and served as Professor & HOD, Pulmonary Medicine, SCB Medical College, Cuttack. The award carries Rs.10,000/- in cash, a silver medal, a shawl and a certificate of honour.


Dr. Bamin Tada, STO, Arunachal Pradesh




LUPIN-TAI ORATION instituted in 1991 courtesy Messrs Lupin Laboratories Limited, for a person who has made outstanding scientific contributions in the field of tuberculosis control, carries an award of Rs. 15,000/- in cash and a Certificate of honour.


Dr. S.K. Jindal, Senior Professor & Head of Pulmonary Medicine, PGI, Chandigarh.




DR. O.A. SARMA GUEST LECTURE instituted in 2001 is awarded to a person who has made outstanding scientific contributions in the field of tuberculosis control.  The lecture carries a cash prize of Rs. 2,500/- and a Certificate of honour.


Dr. Bimal Kumar, DTO, Gopal Ganj, Bihar.




SHRI R. KRISHNA MEMORIAL CASH PRIZE is awarded for the best paper presented at our National Conference every year.


Dr. R. Chethana




PROF. K.C. MOHANTY AWARD is awarded for the best paper on non-tuberculosis chest diseases presented at our National Conference every year.


Dr. Sumeera Banday, Santosh Medical College, Ghaziabad 





DR. C. SRINIVASA RAO AWARD is awarded for the second best paper presented by a scientist below 35 years in age at our National Conference every year.


Dr. Neeraja Arora




DR. R.C. GARG MEMORIAL AWARD is given to the best article published in the Indian Journal of Tuberculosis every year.

 Dr. Anagha Pradhan, Centre for Health Research and Development, Maharashtra Association of Anthropological Sciences, Pune.




TAI ORATION was instituted in 1982 to commemorate the centenary of the discovery of Tubercle Bacillus by Robert Koch - courtesy TB Association of India. The Oration consists of a Silver Medal and a Certificate of honour.


Dr. Thomas R. Frieden, Director, Centre for Diseases Control,Atlanta.

11 DR. B.K. SIKAND MEMORIAL GOLD MEDAL is awarded to a DTCD student who stands first in the annual Diploma in Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases Examination of the Delhi University. Dr. Baljeet Singh Virk





Drs. Sivarajan, Anasua Bagchi and Nicholas Gordon



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